To create an environment for individuals with demonstrated leadership and commitment to the well-being and heritage of the community; to interact with established community leaders; to foster increased understanding of community needs and activities as well as the challenges and opportunities they represent; to create both a better and broader understanding of the community, and to help ensure continuation of informed, quality leadership for the future.


The goal of Leadership Monterey Peninsula is to develop leadership qualities in men and women who are capable of guiding local communities toward achievement of their objectives. This goal shall be achieved by:

  • Identifying potential community leaders
  • Providing them with an orientation and training in community leadership
  • Educating them concerning community opportunities and challenges
  • Introducing them to current community leaders
  • Building a realistic understanding of the role of community leaders
  • Encouraging those potential leaders to take active roles within their communities


Participants in Leadership Monterey Peninsula are solicited from interested people throughout the community. An evaluation of the written application and an interview are used to identify individuals more apt to benefit from the program and invest their knowledge and experience in the community in the years ahead. The process is intended to result in a cross-section of men and women from business, government, community services, and other sectors represented on the Peninsula who will exercise the knowledge and experience gained from the program for the future benefit of the Monterey Peninsula community in their respective areas of endeavor.

Cost of the program is $900 tuition, plus a $50 non-refundable application fee.

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